Traditional Custom Building

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Traditional Custom Homes are field built from designed plans. Most project are completed within a timeframe of 6-12 months depending on the scope of work. 

What’s Most Important?

The 2H Group takes you from beginning to end as we work on building your future home or project. House plan concepts, design, budgeting, land development, permitting, construction, delivery and service are all equally important parts of the process to us and you! Look for builders that have oversight in all phases.

How Do I Evaluate A Builder?

The task of selecting a builder is multi-faceted. Ask these important questions:

  • Design – Is the builder involved in design? Can I afford to build the house I want? Have I determined the most important features to me?
  • Land Development – What type of advice does my builder offer in regards to permitting, land development, site engineering?
  • Cost Estimating – How important is price to me? Does my builder place the same importance on price as I do? Does my builder have significant overhead costs and if so, how does this drive price? What types of “extras” should I expect?
  • Construction/Service – Who will oversee day to day operations/construction? What subcontractors will they use and are they licensed/insured? Who will I call for service or issues that arise now and in the future? What do their current and past customers say about their experience.

What Makes The 2H Group Unique?

The 2H customer places high value on trust, reputation, personal service, quality workmanship and competitive pricing. We are small, locally owned and operated and invest in our community. Our construction manager has 25+ years of experience in residential construction bringing construction expertise to you locally. A 2H customer places high value on relational contracting offered at a competive price. The relationship during construction and after is what makes our customers pleased for years to come.

 “We couldn’t have found a better builder. Even after being in the house for more than 8 years, we still have not had any problems or service issues. You can’t find craftsmanship like that today! We are extremely pleased and happy to recommend The 2H Group.”    The Brennans, Purcellville, VA

What About Costs?

Many times customers desire a square footage price. Certainly a base price based on historic costs can be provided but your choices in the construction process will create the full financial picture. The 2H Group works with you to finalize plans and specifications so that a project can be reflective of your interests. We are a builder that is willing to work with you from design thru construction to meet your budget.

“Working with The 2H Group was a complete pleasure. They took the time to understand how I wanted to use the space and suggested several improvements I never would have thought of, and even made things better throughout the build out process. All this service and they brought it in within budget and on time. I wish everyone cared like they do.”   Tom & Donna Smith

A Desire for More Features?

Many customers enjoy working with contractors that offer a showroom selection process and designers. The 2H group meets this need thru our established contractual relationships with interior designers or finishing touch experts.

Ready to Get Started?

Let us guide you thru your construction project. Contact us for a free consultation meeting to begin building your custom home or project.