Custom Design

Can you see your home in your mind? Perhaps you have sketches, pictures, and ideas yet you need help with design AND cost analysis.

2H Custom Homes designs 100% custom homes with an in-house team designer or an architect you select. From your sketches, pictures and ideas we’ll work to create you a home that reflects your interests, meet family needs, and remains within a cost range comfortable for you. We offer both field construction and modular system built homes.

“Working with The 2H Group was a complete pleasure. They took the time to understand how I wanted to use my space, suggested several improvements, and made things better. All this service and brought it in within budget and on time. I wish everyone cared like they do.”

Tom & Donna Smith, Purcellville 



The Building Process Begins at Design

  1. Design Essentials

    There are many things to consider in building a home including design, estimating, site work, construction, delivery and service.  The 2H Group is a builder that offers you a personal experience at every step of the process.  We know from experience that your investment of time in the design phase is where the building process begins.

  2. The Team Approach

    At The 2H group, you will work with a professional team to build your project.  The 2H Group offers you a free initial consultation meeting that includes our construction manager and professional designer. If desired, you may also desire meeting with our recommended fininshing touch (interior design) team members.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

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