Home Renovations Needed?

We’ll work with you to renovate your home, create a master bedroom/bath, or/or add the room or garage you’ve dreamed about. Here’s a few 2H Home Renovation projects:

  • Free Standing Garage                  
  • Garage with Apartment 
  • Master Bedroom Addition
  • Custom Bathroom(s)
  • Basement Renovation
  • Speciality Kitchen Redesigns




Finding a Professional Contractor

Before diving into a home improvement project, make sure you understand the type of building contractor you desire. The 2H group offers you a complete job from beginning to end based on quality workmanship and cost.  Here’s what to expect with The 2H Group:

  1. Initial Contractor Meeting - This is your chance to share sketches and ideas with us and tell us your interests in renovating your home.
  2. Design Meeting - Plans/designs are essential so don’t skip this step.  The 2H Group offers you a team approach by involving our designer.  This allows us to feel confident that we can offer you a project with choices and yet meet budget goals.
  3. Estimating and Timelines - At this step, the 2H Group presents a detailed contract proposal.  Bids can vary among contractors so we give you all the facts first.
  4. Construction - The actual buiding begins here. A 2H job is supervised daily by the owner/contruction manager and subcontractors are used based on our relationships, competitive pricing, reputation, longevity and quality workmanship.
  5. Finishing Touches - This is an optional step but we have learned that finishing touches can make your renovated space “come to life.” The 2H Group encourages you to consider a consultation with our interior designer or one of your own.
  6. Service Delivery/Warranty  – The 2H Group provides a service warranty via our approved subcontractors. We provide you with a final subcontractor list that gives you access to the field supervisors if future needs arise.

Are You Ready?

Renovations in an existing home, no matter what the size or length, can be challenging. Having a contractor(s) in your home is difficult so prepare mentally for a few inconveniences and spend time selecting a builder that offers you daily communication and a quality reputation. Check out what The 2H Group customers are saying. Or, read about us via the Loudoun Time Mirror Newspaper Features:  Renovation Page 1 and Renovation Page 2

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